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5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Divorced So Fast

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Marriage Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries only lasted two months. Why do couples who married on August 20, 2011 and was divorced so quickly?

Psychotherapist and author of 'How to Be a Grown Up', Stacy Kaiser expressed his analysis about the causes of divorce Kim and Kris. Here are five things you see Kaiser in marriage which led to Kim and Kris are both divorced, as quoted by USA Today:

1. Listen to the words of his mother Kim Too Than Husband
When Kim decides to retain its name, socialite 31 years that discuss the matter with his mother instead of Kris. Whereas in a marriage, the husband also wants to participate in a decision-making is concerned with the problem.

In matters of career, Kim is still okay to ask for the opinion of her mother, Kris Jenner which is becoming a manager. But in private affairs, he should discuss with her mother. Kris was the one who wants to live forever together with Kim, not the mother.

2. Kris Trying to Punish Kim Before Marriage
In a special report about their marriage, Kris said he deliberately grow a mustache because he wanted to make Kim's upset. Punishment or intentionally make our loved ones upset, is a sign of danger in marriage.

In a healthy marriage, the couple express their resentment and not do anything that might make their partners hurt. If that is done, the message will be arrested the couple is: You want to upset her and no matter what the consequences are obtained.

3. Family Dispute Could Impact Bad At Wedding
Both sisters are often attacked Kris Kim, with Kim permission. Kim should have done is tell the two sisters to stop attacking her husband. The husband and wife should be mutually supportive, rather than attack each other.

4. New Wedding Couple Takes to Know Each Other
Newlywed couples who've been together for years also needed time to adjust to the post officially became husband and wife. Moreover, the wedding couple a courtship only briefly like Kim and Kris. Both are going out for six months before the end to the aisle.

But after marriage, Kim seldom spend time with Kris. He was busy with his work and his new reality show in New York. According to Stacy, Kim should try to adjust to being a wife. He believes all couples need more time and energy to do it so that eventually they have a strong relationship foundation.

After marriage, the couple usually will go through the so-called 'honeymoon period'. In those days, the couple was always happy and nothing is wrong. But keep in mind is the time after that. Stacy said after the honeymoon period as the 'partner really know each other'. In the bad attitude that is the nature and visible and the couple tried to adapt or adjust to both.

5. Kim and Kris Lack of Mutual Respect for Each Other
Mutual respect and trust are the two factors are quite important in marriage. In a related decision about the relationship, couples must consider the interests of each other. You should also try to prioritize your husband or wife and children. Be the person who is always trying to be the best for your partner.

Stacy said that quite a lot of people who consider marriage to Kim and Kris just look for popularity alone. But the psychotherapist does not feel it. In the special coverage of the second marriage, he saw there was sadness, anger and disappointment from different pairs of five years of age.

In his view, if indeed to seek popularity, Kim and Kris should often appear to the public as a couple in love and happy. But once stepped on second month of marriage, they just often conflicting.
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