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Uncle Scrooge " World's Richest People Fictitious" with U.S. Dollars, 44 Million

Image: duckmania.de As written by Newslite, Monday (11 / 4), was not only in the cartoon, in the real world too .... Uncle Scrooge, Walt Disney made ​​a cartoon character got the nickname "Richest Man" by Forbes Magazine for Fiction character.

As in previous years, the selection made ​​by Forbes magazine this year, really strict. For this character, glanced at the list of Forbes richest wealth of characters from the story on television, movies, comics, and books.

With rising gold prices, property which has a warehouse Uncle Scrooge this money is estimated at U.S. Dollars 44 million.

Congratulations to Uncle Scrooge, you are indeed extraordinary.. hahaha,


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