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Noura Dian Hartarony Denies She Was Drunk!

Noura Dian Hartarony (facebook)

Expose of a photograph of a member of Parliament from Gerindra, Noura Dian Hartarony a drunk and danced on a table in a cafe in Jakarta, has been denied by her.

"For God,it was not me .There were witnesses at the Black Cat ( name of night club ), I don't get out much at night. I once a month to the restaurant ," she said when contacted by telephone VIVAnews.com .

Noura also said that the photo was not her. "That's really slander addressed to me. I keep everything in the name of an honor council, which is governed by the code of ethics".

Regarding the question of whether there is a demand to the media that contain photo-related news, Noura said, "I have reported to the fraction, the fraction who take care of so later," (VIVAnews.com)


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