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Happy 'KARTINI" Days

Who is 'Kartini'?

For Indonesia, Kartini was the figure of a young woman who possess the ideals of struggle and abundant creativity. With the ideals of the struggle, Kartini has been successfully placed and uplift women from the dark to the place ablaze. And these ideals are written in her famous book, “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang.”

Results of Kartini struggle, now has enjoyed all especially women who now can be anything. As a teacher, lawyer, employees, managers, directors, pilots and even astronauts.

Kartini was the daughter of the regent of Jepara, Raden Mas Sastrodiningrat Duke who was born in Jepara, on April 21, 1879. When Kartini was growing up, she saw that the lives of women full of emptiness, darkness, absence in the struggle. In those days, women just as men's furnishings that work naturally, just take care of and manage the household alone.

Seeing the situation, Kartini could not stay silent. Although she was from the nobility, but she did not want to have different levels of degrees. Then, Kartini was often down mingle with the lower classes of society. She aspires to remodel the difference in social status at that time, with the motto, "We Must Make History, Our Future It must Determining Appropriate Purposes We As Women and Education Must Get Enough Just as the Male."

To appreciate for her, each of Kartini birth date: 21 April, in Indonesia established as a National Day of Kartini Day.


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