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Highly Dressage, 2 Photos Official Engagements Prince William with Kate Middleton

These are the two official engagement photo prince William with Kate who was released on Sunday (12/12/2010) before their wedding. These photos were taken by Mario Testino, one of the favorite photographer and friend of Princess Diana (mother of Prince William). The photos made ​​on November 25, 2010, at the State Palace Apartments, St. James, London.(sawfnews.com)

First Photo:                                  Second Photo


In this first photo looks relaxed and casual. Prince William seemed to embrace her wearing a diamond engagement ring sapphire's late Princess Diana are clearly visible on his finger.

In the second photograph taken at the board room of St. James Palace, looking background wall hanging some paintings of some famous ancestor of the Prince William. It also seems that the engagement ring finger was also apparent in Kate Middleton, the prospective bride.(sawfnews.com)


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