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Indonesian Language , Now It's Global!

Millions of pairs of eyes seemed glued (either through TV media, as well as directly) while watching the skills of the drivers who competed in the first MotoGP race season MotoGP in Qatar, a few weeks ago.

images: motogp.com

And if you look at, when the race is, there are 2 words that are familiar to the people of Indonesia. Familiar sentence was "YAMAHA SEMAKIN DIDEPAN" (listed on the Yamaha MotoGP team FACTORY) and "Satu HATI" (listed on the Repsol Honda MotoGP team.)

Use of Indonesian listed on both the Japanese motor manufacturer was at least make us proud that Indonesian is now increasingly known in the world.

Our appreciation of the Indonesian people for the team YAMAHA FACTORY and REPSOL HONDA team, Thank you!


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