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Kawasutra, Kamasutra Sex Style Competitors

For a group, certainly has the uniqueness of each, both by hobby, habit, speech, lifestyle and even the style lover.

One of the unique is for the true racer kawasaki motor, it turns out they also have their own style of lovemaking. This is the style of a true love for motorcycle riders Kawasaki, namely Kawasutra.

And, it could be the art of making love 'Kawasutra' is a competitor of the art of lovemaking that has been known in the world: 'Kamasutra'

This is called 'Kawasutra':

images: masmoto

This is just a joke :)


tongchen@seattle said...

Greetings from USA! Your blog is really cool.
Are you living in Indonesia?
You are welcomed to visit me:

Herrie said...

Hi Tongchen,
I was living in Indonesia. Visiting your site, whether you come from Japan? If true, I am sorry about the disaster in Japan. Convey our prayers and greetings of friendship to the friends there.
Thanks too, friend!

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