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Once More, The Global Work of Indonesian Designers: "VW Beetle 2012 Car Design "

Apparently VW Beetle car design that will soon be 2012 years is the result of a sketch produced during the four years from an Indonesian designer, Chris Lesmana.

Design by Chris Lesmana this be a headline this week in various media, especially in America and Germany. The boss of the Volkswagen Group, Martin Winterkorn, the draft Chris Lesmana it has been approved. This was revealed on Monday in New York and Shanghai, and will be manufactured in Mexico.

Volkswagen Exterior Designer, Frank Bruse representing Lesmana at the launch event in New York - United States, told AutoWeek that the draft Lesmana it as "someone who can design its version of the dream car." Chris Lesmana himself unable to attend the event because there is a family event in Germany.(tempointeraktif.com)



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